Texas Plant

by Texas Plant

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released May 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Texas Plant Cleveland, Ohio


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Track Name: Big Ole Gin
I walk by with a big ole gin
I've seen trouble and I've seen sin
If you're seeing me I better see you again

My heart cold as the railroad line
Cold as the steel when it's screaming by
I make good loving and I waste no time with sin

I walk by with a big old smile
I've seen blood and I've seen trial
I hang tight in the trenches, that is where I lay

She drink hard and she love the night
I say filthy fuck I might
Walk the line just a little too close to the rail

I caught my fish at home
Sifting through that bitter cold
My creedence left me humble though I'm drained

I walk by with a big old frown
I've been beat up and I've been knocked down
I've been pushed to the edge where I'm broke, broken and shamed

And I know that love is blind
But i said familiar of a different kind
I could send this letter but I'd rather let it steal ya

I walk by with a mean old mug
I've been hated and I've been loved
I've been stood up, stuck up and stuck out in the rain.

She held her keys in a worried fashion
Late night loving in a dirty bathroom
Room teasing her skin's pressed hot cross mine

I walk by with a head of problems
A bottle of bourbon and the devil's calling
Like hell he's crawling back this morning

She tell me oh god it's storming
The sky is falling, kill the vermin
My mind is warping back in a pattern courting

I walk by with a pint of whiskey
Kind of feeling like why'd she miss me
I'm a jester, she's a queen amongst the ruins

I played cards with a mean old gypsy
Who stole the nails from Jesus' rigging
Claims she ain't at fault for none of this sinning
Track Name: 2s, 3s, and 12s
Well she kept me, ever so conveniently in her pocket
as she walked from town to town
At her disposal, there's nothing new to say I'll drink some poison and shoot some dice along the way
Nothing but 2s, 3s, and 12s, broken mirrors, black cats and hell
Everywhere I step's a puddle and I'd rather be in jail
Nothing but 2s, 3s and 12s

I'm drinking poison every night
Doing things I just don't like
There ain't a goddamn soul inside
Hold up one more drink for the ride

No use for apology, I don't think it's supposed to be
So easy, for someone to say goodbye
Take these pills and drink some wine
Have faith good friend in the end it'll all be fine
Take these pills drink some wine
Track Name: Old News
I'm so sick of wandering the wind has scarred my face
Lovely ladies love to let me go
I'm so tired of ramblin' the nights they are the same
Talking to these crooks oh you don't know
I don't go where the sun don't shine, beat up man in the feeding line
The cars they don't seem to see you pass by
And I'll just sing my blues to her, even though my vision's blurred
I hate the way she watch me walk away

I hate the way she watch me walk away
Track Name: 2 x 6
Let's trade these blues for some silver, and that silver for some gold
We'll spend it all in one place never really did what we were told
Got the police chasing after us and the bartender wants our heads
If we make it out of this town alive then to hell with what they said.

On a ship back to our hometown, to that Erie lake
Where the women they are so cruel my lord for heavens sake
These waves they be too dangerous, that's what he shouted loud
Then get off this boat because we're bound to drown, you know this ship's going down.

If the Erie winds won't blow, take to the oars
Perch don't bite, steer further north
Shallow pockets just gamble a little more
Win or lose, drinking till were on the floor